Discover the Difference Choosing Wellness can Make

At Wellness, we believe that natural, wholesome nutrition is the foundation of wellbeing. Since 1926, it has been our mission to provide pet parents with quality recipes that promote pet health. Each of our recipes are made with nature’s finest ingredients, including fresh meats, easily digestible carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables, and we never use wheat, corn, soya, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Like you, we know that our pets provide us unconditional love, and providing uncompromising nutrition is one way we can do the same for them.

As the #1 Independent, family-owned natural pet food company in the US, Wellness promises to deliver the highest quality standards, conscious ingredient sourcing and support to pets in need.

At Wellness, our mission is simple. Healthier Pets. Happier Pet Parents. We are excited to offer our natural pet food recipes to even more pets and their parents. Through our exclusive partnership with Pets at Home, Wellness is now available for the first time ever in the UK.

Our Complete Health dry and wet range for cats is made using nature’s finest ingredients; each specially selected to help promote feline health and longevity.

Without fillers or grains, our CORE® high protein range is packed with a variety of premium meats to satisfy the carnivore in your dog or cat while also helping promote optimum weight and longevity.

Our Small Breed dry and wet range is made using nature’s finest ingredients; each specially selected to help promote the health and longevity of little dogs.

Our Simple™ hypo-allergenic diets are made with a single-source of protein and just a few specially selected ingredients, to create a gentle and effective solution for dogs’ food sensitivities and digestive issues.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of pets and people discover the difference choosing Wellness can make. We invite you to learn more about our range of natural foods for dogs and cats. Please feel free to Contact Us or visit your local Pets at Home store to learn more.

Transitioning to Wellness

It is important to slowly transition your pet from his/her current diet as it takes a few days for the body to adapt to new nutrient levels. To transition, gradually mix in the new food over a 5-7 day period, increasing the amount of Wellness® each day, so that you are feeding 100% Wellness® by day 7.

Transitioning to Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any recipes for Puppies or Kittens?

Yes, some of our diets are suitable for all life stages, including puppies and kittens. The two recipes we’d recommend are Wellness CORE Original for puppies and Wellness Complete Health Deboned Chicken Recipe for kittens. When caring for a new puppy or kitten (2-12 months of age), it is important to ensure they are eating an adequate amount of food as their first year is filled with important growth and development milestones. Due to the increased levels of consumption for puppies and kittens, we’d recommend offering at least 30% more food than the guidelines noted on the bag. Feeding guidelines are always an initial recommendation and should be altered as needed for your pet’s individual requirements.

What is "transition"?

Transition is defined as the process of moving a pet from their current food to a new food over a period of several days. The change in diet may be made for many reasons including: age, life stage, special needs, or due to product enhancements.

While many pets transition seamlessly, some pets have an adjustment period. Diarrhea, loose stools, and vomiting are the most prevalent symptoms. It is important to understand the underlying causes of transition issues so that they may be minimized or completely avoided.

Causes of diarrhea or loose stools

Diarrhea and loose stools can be caused by many factors other than a change in diet, and other potential causes should be reviewed before concluding that diet is the reason. However, it is known that some pets experience diarrhea and loose stools for a few days when there is a change in diet. This results from a change in the food matrix that the pet's gastrointestinal tract is unprepared for. Unlike humans, who continually consume a variety of foods, pets often spend months or years on a single diet. As a result, pets develop their system to process a single diet, and when something new is introduced their system can be slow to adjust.

Changes in fibre content or digestibility will affect the pet's stool. This is compounded when the new diet tastes much better and the pet then eats too much. The expected amount of solids now entering the colon has been changed, which creates an imbalanced environment in the colon that tends to result in an increased ratio of water to solids, thus creating diarrhea and soft stools.

Causes of vomiting

While vomiting is most often caused by other issues than a dietary change, sometimes it results from indiscriminate eating behavior due to the novelty effect of new food. This is simply a matter of the pet consuming too much too quickly, sometimes not even pausing to chew the food. This situation is generally diagnosed by seeing undigested food in the vomit.

How should I transition to Wellness?

The best way to transition onto a new food is to gradually introduce the food by mixing it with the old diet. This is particularly important when the new food is much tastier than the old, as is the case with Wellness. Mixing the food will allow the pet to acclimate to the new taste and not over-indulge on the new food because of its great taste.

When food transition is not an option, there are 3 other ways to ensure a good transition:

1. Feed multiple, smaller volume meals. This will decrease the likelihood of over-consumption and provide for a more consistent, firm stool. This is an especially good option for puppies and senior dogs

2. Add clean warm water to the food to help soften it.

3. Add a digestive aid such a boiled brown rice or sugar-free canned pumpkin

I currently "free feed" my pet. What is Wellness' philosophy?

Wellness believes in portion-controlled feeding using our recommended amounts on each bag. However, we completely understand that some families prefer to "free feed" their pet based on their busy schedules or the pet's ability to pace themselves and not indulge. Ultimately, we support families that support animals!

What does “natural” pet food mean?

Wellness natural pet food complies with the FEDIAF standards for natural - meaning our components are derived from plant, animal, micro-organisms, or minerals, to which nothing has been added.

My kibble seems to vary in colour, why?

All of our products in the Wellness line are all-natural. We use no artificial colours or dyes of any kind. Colours and dyes are used to mask the natural colours and give a consistent colour. As with many things in nature, there are subtle changes in ingredients based upon geography and seasonality. We try to maintain as much consistency as possible without the use of unnatural colourants.

Why are there 2 sets of feeding instructions on the Weight Management bag?

One is for pets that need to reduce their weight. The other is for when the pet reaches their ideal body weight and wants to maintain it.


What is food intolerance?

Food intolerance refers to a gastrointestinal response triggered by certain ingredients. For instance, a pet with a sensitive stomach may not be able to tolerate certain ingredients that then lead to diarrhea, vomiting or irritable bowel. The reasons for food intolerance are unknown.

What is a food allergy?

A food allergy refers to an immune response to a particular ingredient in food that can cause itching, scratching, hot spots, hair loss, ear and eye secretions, or excessive licking. A dog may be born with specific allergies, or they may build over time from prolonged exposure to certain ingredients.

Why did we create Simple?

Simple is a diet formulated to address the most common food sensitivities which result in food intolerance and allergies. There are a limited number of ingredients used in the Simple formulations, reducing the variables that could be causative factors of intolerance and allergies. This diet is for pets that may be receiving vet supervision for severe problems. These customers must be extremely vigilant with every ingredient that goes into their pet’s body. This is an exasperating position to be in as a pet parent and these people are truly desperate for a solution. Prior to Simple there was no all-natural, truly limited ingredient diet on the market without a prescription.

What is a limited ingredient diet?

A limited ingredient diet refers to a formulation that relies on as few ingredients as possible to eliminate introducing problematic ingredients for pets with very sensitive digestive tracts. These often feature novel proteins, but have many other non-Wellness ingredients such as artificial preservatives or fillers. For years, this was the only choice pet parents had for animals with allergies. Simple is meant to be a natural alternative to these diets available over the counter. We recommend that you discuss Simple with your vet to determine if it is an appropriate alternative for their specific situation

Is Simple safe to be fed every day or is it only a limited-usage diet?

Simple has been formulated to be complete and balanced for adult maintenance, meaning, it is safe to be fed on a long term basis as the sole source of nutrition. It features a robust vitamin and mineral combination that provides for 100% complete nutrition.


What is the Wellness philosophy on high protein dry food for pets?

Pets will thrive on a variety of different protein levels. Our first priority is to deliver the most thoughtful, balanced higher protein diet for pets. We understand that higher protein may also mean higher fat (calories), and minerals. Both of these components are healthy when delivered in moderation however, many of the highest protein diets neglect to pay close attention to maintaining appropriate fat and mineral levels. We believe that a higher, not highest protein diet is a very safe option for pets provided they are fed the correct overall balance of nutrients.

Please explain pets as omnivores vs. cats as obligate carnivores?

While cats evolved relying on specific nutrients only available from meat, pets have evolved to adapt to a wide range of foods. Pets are opportunistic animals, and are able to turn on and off the enzymes responsible for digesting and utilizing diets with range of differences in protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

Why did you name the product CORE?

The definition of CORE in Webster's dictionary: the essence: the vital or most important part. At Wellness, we define CORE as: we care for animals from the inside out an animal's long-term wellbeing is at the CORE of everything we do. This name not only means something to us here at Wellness, but it was also the name consumers had the strongest emotional connection to in research.

What is the difference between Original & Reduced Fat Formulas?

The main difference with Reduced Fat is that this formula features 31% less fat and 20% more fibre than Original. The Reduced Fat diet will help a pet lose weight, or help maintain a healthy weight for a pet that tends to put on pounds easily. Both formulas have excellent palatability and are healthful choices.

Are CORE diets are safe for everyday feeding?

CORE is safe for everyday feeding. We create a diet that was higher in protein, but also had fewer calories from fat, and moderated mineral levels. This means that you can feel 100% comfortable feeding your pet a higher protein diet everyday, without the fear of your pet putting on too much weight and having them suffer from possible long term effects of consuming extremely high Calcium and Phosphorus levels.

Can pets digest carbohydrates? I heard that they are recognized as sugars and easily stored as fat.

Pets are very capable of digesting well-cooked carbohydrates. The carbohydrates may be stored as fats if the diet is consumed beyond the pet's caloric needs. This is why it is very important to either strictly manage your pet's diet, or choose a diet that delivers a moderate calorie content (kcal/kg).

Why is it important to control the Calcium and Phosphorus levels?

High levels of Calcium and Phosphorus interfere with the absorption of trace minerals like Zinc and Iron. Over time, this can lead to deficiencies and result in poor growth rates, skin lesions, and red blood cell levels and many other health conditions

Is the Reduced Fat formula intended to be a weight management diet? Will the reduced fat diets help pets lose weight?

CORE Reduced Fat may be successfully used to help a pet lose a few pounds, or for a pet that naturally is prone to gain weight, the diet may help prevent weight gain. It has 31% less fat and 20% more fibre than CORE Original.

What can I expect the stools to be like on these diets?

The stools should be firm and well formed (i.e. easy to pick up). Most pets will have a bowel movement 1-2 times a day.

What is pea fibre and why is it used?

Pea fibre is a very gentle fibre source that also helps maintain good stool consistency and form. Together with tomato pomace and prebiotics, these fibre sources help a pet maintain regular digestive health with firm, well-formed stools.

Is the CORE Ocean diet better for skin & coat than the Original Formula?

Ocean and Original will both result in excellent skin & coat health for pets. However, every pet is different. Some pets thrive on fish-based diets while others thrive on all-poultry or poultry-fish combination diets. Performance is really up to the individual pet.